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Chinese New Year Promotion

May you have a wonderful year of travels with a Wi-Ho! Pocket WiFi. You can share all your travelling joys and experience with your loving family members and friends in more than 140 countries. From January 5, 2017 to February 20,  2017,  you can receive up to HK100 Discount for Wi-Ho! Pocket WiFi rental per successful application of Travelwise Protection Plan. There is no minimum spending requirement for the rental. Customers are free to choose any type of the Wi-Ho! Pocket Wi-Fi available. For policy with premium at HK$500 or above, a HK$100 Discount will be offered. For policy with premium between HK$250 and HK$499, a HK$50 Discount will be offered. This promotional offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions. Buy Now and enjoy your carefree journey with our comprehensive protection plan!


Enjoy your travel experience with AIG TravelWise, your trusted travel insurance companion.

AIG TravelWise gives you comprehensive travel insurance protection  for your journey. We cover your medical costs should you have an accident or suffer illness. We cover loss arising from  your trip being cancelled or your journey being delayed. We also cover loss of your baggage or personal belongings, as well as all other risks related to your travelling experience.

AIG Travelwise comes with AIG TravelGuard, our worldwide emergency service which gives you 24/7 access to a dedicated team of multi-lingual staff of doctors, nurses, medical professionals and   security personnel, who can respond to your needs in the event of an emergency.

24/7  Worldwide

Medical and
Personal Accident

Cover Medical
Evacuation &
Repatriation Service
in every policy

Option of 3 Flexible
Single Trip Plans &
Multiple Trips
Annual Plan

* Coverage differs according to product & plan.


Emergency Medical Expense and Assistance

You can be reimbursed for up to HK$1 million in medical expenses including fees for doctor consultation, emergency medical evacuation and overseas hospital cash, etc, depending on the plan you purchase.

24/7 Travel Emergency Services Support

We have a professional and efficient 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team available to assist you whether you have an emergency event or just need medical advice while overseas. Our experts include professional doctors and nurses who can assist our client on the phone at any time of day, in up to 10 different languages.

Travel Inconvenience

TravelWise makes any inconvenience experienced on your trip easier to bear, such as travel delays, loss or damage to your personal belongings and/or baggage delay. We will cover you up to the specified limit in the plan you purchased to reimburse your loss.

Personal Accident

You can claim for up to HK$1.2 million depending on the plan you purchase, if an insured person under the plan sustains injury resulting in major burns, disablement, or accidental death. Our emergency assistance team is always available for you to call, to obtain emergency travel assistance, ensuring you receive appropriate advices.

Journey Cancellation Cover

Don't worry about the costs of transport & accommodation due to your journey being cancelled. We will reimburse you your non-refundable expenses if your trip is cancelled due to specific events, up to 90 days before your departure date.

Overseas Travel Alert (OTA)

If the Security Bureau issues a “Red or Black Alert” within 7 days of your journey departure date or during your journey, we shall reimburse you in accordance with the following Journey Cancellation, Journey Curtailment or Journey Re-arrangement coverage under your policy.

For the full benefit table, please refer to our TravelWise brochure or click Buy Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please press “Buy Now” above or refer to our TravelWise brochure for premium levels for each plan.

Anyone age 70 or below on the commencement date of the policy. A policy may be purchased by an individual or a family for travel overseas for purpose of leisure and/or business, provided the trip is commences from Hong Kong.

Note : We do not cover any travel to Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or the Crimea region.

You can call our emergency service team 24/7 at (852) 3516-8699

If you are travelling to multiple destinations within the same trip, you can be covered under one policy. Please select the furthest region as listed under our area of coverage.

In the event of loss, written notice of claim should be submitted to AIG Hong Kong within thirty (30) days after the occurrence , together with all relevant documents. 

You should fill in and sign the related claim form.

In order to help us to deal with your claims, you should provide all the supporting documents to substantiate your claim. Complete documentation will prevent any delay in your claim assessment as additional time may be required to obtain the requisite information

Upon receipt of sufficient documents, we will assess your claim accordingly. The result of your claim submission will be sent to you shortly

Complete and return the claims form with the supporting documents to:

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited
46/F, One Island East,
18 Westlands Road,
Island East,
Hong Kong