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【All Blacks Sevens Giveaway】Terms & Conditions

1. Become a fan of the AIG HK fan page

2. Tag a friend who you would like to bring along to meet the All Blacks Sevens

3. Answer the following question in the comment box: The All Blacks Sevens are passionate about performing the haka after they win a tournament, what are you passionate about? (You can also upload a matching photo for your answer to better illustrate your passion !)

One winner will be selected and the winner will receive the following prizes:

  • A chance to watch the All Blacks Sevens in action for free – with a friend!
  • Two Signed All Blacks Sevens Jerseys
  • Behind-the-scenes access at the All Blacks Sevens captain’s run on 5 April 2018

Game deadline: 28 March 2018 23:59 (GMT +8)

The prize winner will be announced on AIG HK Facebook Page on 29 March 2018

1. Participants must be aged 18 or above and comply with the terms & conditions of【All Blacks Sevens Giveaway】Game.

2. The game starts on 27 March 2018 and ends at 23:59 on 28 March 2018 (GMT+8).

3. To qualify, participants must be the fans of AIG Insurance Hong Kong (AIG HK) Facebook Page and must tag 1 friend when answering the question “All Blacks Sevens are coming to meet you in Hong Kong soon. All Blacks Sevens are passionate about the game and have always performed Haka dance here in Hong Kong. What about you? What are you passionate about?” in the comment box.

4. Submission order is based on the time shown on the comment box session on Facebook when game ends. Each comment must contain only one answer.

5. Each Facebook account/ each participant can only submit his or her comment ONCE and each comment shall contain only one answer. Multiple submissions by the same account/ participant are not allowed and all submitted answers by that account/ participant will be disqualified including but not limited to cancellation on extra submitted answers.

6. All information provided by participants must be true and correct, and not illegally obtained or stolen from a third party. Participants submitting false or misleading information will be disqualified.

7. Each Facebook account/ each person can only participate in【All Blacks Sevens Giveaway】Game ONCE and each identity card holder is entitled to a maximum of one prize only.

8. The winner will be published on AIG HK Facebook Page on 29 March 2018.

9. The winner shall contact AIG HK via Facebook Inbox message in accordance with the instructions published on AIG HK Facebook Page. Any winner who fails to contact AIG HK on or before 12:00nn, 2 April 2018 (GMT+8) will have the prizes forfeited and AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“AIG HK”) shall deal with the prizes at its absolute discretion.

10. Prizes are to be collected in person only at the location designated by AIG HK. Failure to claim the prizes within the redemption period (3rd April to 4th April 2018) shall result in the prizes forfeited. For details, please refer to the redemption letter.

11. For redemption in person, the winner is required to present his/her identity document for verification. If the winner cannot collect the prize in person, he or she may authorize a delegate to collect it with an authorization letter signed by the winner and a copy of the identity document of the winner.

12. Prizes cannot be changed or exchanged for cash, and are non-replaceable, non-refundable, non-transferrable, non-resalable and non-returnable. Prizes will be forfeited without prior notice or obligation in case of infringement.

13. Once the prizes are issued, no further prize claims shall be made even if the prizes are lost or damaged.

14. In the interest of fairness, the employees of AIG HK and their family members are not eligible for entry.

15. AIG HK disclaims all and any liability for the provision, quality or nature of any third party product or services accepted by participants.

16. AIG HK reserves the rights to amend or change the terms and conditions, prize and other arrangement at any time, without prior notice.

17. In case of disputes, the decision of AIG HK shall be final.

18. The Chinese version of these terms and conditions are for reference only. In case of discrepancies between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.


1. 只要係AIG HK 專頁粉絲,即可參與遊戲

2. 於留言欄Tag一位你想同佢一齊睇All Blacks Sevens嘅朋友,並回答問題︰

All Blacks Sevens即將來港同大家見面。All Blacks Sevens對球賽傾盡熱情,喺香港比賽時亦經常以 Haka 舞激勵士氣。你又對咩事最有熱情?(大家仲可以upload埋相關嘅相片,圖文並茂,咁就任何人都feel到你嘅熱情啦!)

最有創意嘅1 位參加者,即可贏得︰

  • 免費帶一個朋友睇All Blacks Sevens
  • All Blacks Sevens簽名球衣2件
  • 近距離接觸All Blacks Sevens 機會 (2018年4月5日)


得獎名單將於2018年3月29日於AIG HK專頁公佈。

1. 參加者必須為18歲或以上人士,並同意及遵守【熱情一刻有獎遊戲】之條款及細則。

2. 活動日期由2018年3月27日至2018年3月28日23:59止。(GMT+8)

3. 參加者必須是AIG Insurance Hong Kong (“AIG HK”) Facebook 專頁的粉絲,於留言欄內回答問題「All Blacks Sevens即將來港同大家見面。All Blacks Sevens對球賽傾盡熱情,喺香港比賽時亦經常以 Haka 舞激勵士氣。你又對咩事最有熱情?」,然後Tag一位你最想和他一起看All Blacks Sevens的朋友。

4. 答案的提交次序以活動結束後的Facebook評論欄所顯示之時間為準。

5. 每個Facebook賬戶/每位參加者只可留言一次,每個留言只能包含一個答案;若留言多次(包括多次提交後再刪除至剩下一個留言),參加者將被取消資格。

6. 參加者須保證所有填寫或提交之資料均為真實及正確,且沒有冒用或盜用任何第三者之資料,違者將被取消資格。

7. 每個Facebook賬戶/每位參加者只可參與【熱情一刻有獎遊戲】一次,每位參加者於整個活動期間只能獲贈最多一份獎品(同一身份證持有人只可獲獎一次)。

8. 比賽結果將於2018年3月29日於AIG HK Facebook專頁內公佈。

9. 得獎者必須依照公佈指示,於指定時間內透過Facebook Inbox回覆有關資料予美亞保險香港有限公司(“AIG HK”),否則得獎資格將被取消。如得獎者於2018年4月2日中午12時 (GMT+8) 或之前仍未回覆者,得獎資格將被取消,AIG HK將全權決定如何處理獎品。

10. 得獎者須於換領期限內(2018年4月3日至4日)前往指定地點領取獎品,逾期作廢,詳情請參閱獎品換領書。

11. 得獎者於領取獎品時必須出示有效之身份證明文件作核實之用。如未能親身領獎,代領人須出示親筆簽名授權書正本及得獎者之有效身份證明文件副本方可代領。

12. 所有獎品不可退換丶更換或兌換現金。如發現任何涉嫌違規之行為,AIG HK有權即時取消其得獎資格,並保留追究權利,毋須另行通知。

13. 獎品一經領取後,若有遺失或損壞,AIG HK 將不予補發。

14. AIG HK之員工及其家屬均不可參加,以示公允。

15. AIG HK 毋須為第三者提供之產品或服務負上任何法律責任。

16. AIG HK 保留更改此活動的條款及細則丶獎品及其他安排,而不作另行通告。

17. 若有任何爭議,AIG HK 保留一切最終決定權。

18. 本條款及細則的中文版本僅供參考,若英文版本與中文版本不一致,以英文版本為準。