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Committed to Service Excellence

Making a Claim

When you make a claim, it’s our opportunity to keep our promise to you. You can speak to your insurance agent/broker, download a claim form found above, or contact us directly regarding your claim.

Our expert team will handle your claim efficiently and professionally, helping you to recover from your loss as quickly as possible.

Local Knowledge 

Our claims team has first-hand knowledge of risks, business practices, legal and regulatory issues. The team is supported by dedicated Claims Product Managers, ensuring that you are satisfied with the progress of your claim every step of the way.

Dedicated, Focused Claims Handling

We get your claim to the right expert fast. Each claim is handled by an Examiner with the most appropriate type of expertise, based on the product line and the complexity of the loss. Administrative tasks are handled by separate teams, giving more time for our Examiners to work with you in a stronger, more proactive partnership to settle larger and more complex claims, and to provide a faster service on more straightforward claims.

Claim Settlement

When settling a claim, speed and accuracy is important. We tailor our approach to each claim, looking for the best way to move the claim toward a fair resolution in the least possible time, while being sensitive to your needs.  Smaller, less complicated claims are handled through our “Express" procedure, which allows for fast and efficient settlement. For this type of claim, all we need is brief pre-defined information to enable us to quickly assess the claim.  For larger losses, when you make a claim with AIG, you have the advantage of dealing directly with the decision-maker, and you can rely on our team having specific knowledge and experience of local laws and practice.

Worldwide Capability

For companies doing business overseas, our global network gives us the edge in resolving your claim should a loss occur in a foreign market. We can work across borders with teams in multiple countries, working with local languages, laws and regulations alongside those back home in Hong Kong.  Our global claims team is made up of over 10,000 claims professionals. We handle millions of claims every year, each one adding to the wealth of knowledge and experience that helps us resolve your claim quickly and efficiently. 

Claim Forms

Please click here to access our claims forms page