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Smart Shoppers are cautious shoppers. They value and seek protection for items purchased online and want to ensure that damages and defects do not cause them financial distress.

These customers seek protection for their payment cards on which they are heavily reliant for daily purchases.  Due to card dependence, customers carry their cards in their wallets. Daily card exposure can make them vulnerable to fraudulent activity including fraudulent charges and theft of their identity.

Additionally, they live a fast-paced lifestyle and cannot afford to be without access to their home and vehicles.

  • Cover online purchase incomplete delivery, physical damage if seller or courier has failed to refund up to HK30,000
  • Identity theft and fraudulent charge cover for credit card accounts and/or banking accounts
  • Cover your replacement cost for wallet and personal papers
  • Cover your keys of home and vehicle

5 Coverage Highlights

1.     e- Purchase Protection 

Protect Your Online Purchases

The rapid rise in online shopping is transforming the way we select and pay for purchases, opening up an ever-widening range of products from home decor to haute couture.

  • Incomplete delivery or wrong item delivered
  • Improperly functioning of delivered items due to physical damage
  • Non-delivery of purchase after 30 days of the scheduled delivery

The Goods must have a value of at least HK$300 including tax but excluding delivery/transportation costs.

2.     Identity Theft

Identity Theft product provides your customers with reimbursement for expenses related to resolving an identity theft which include:

  • Legal expenses
  • Lost wages for time off from work
  • Payment obligations for which customers are legally liable to creditors
  • Cost associated with having to submit new applications

Expenses can be submitted up to 6 months after a claim has been made.

3.     Fraudulent Charges

Fraudulent Charges product reimburses you for unauthorized charges made on lost or stolen payment card up to 24 hours prior to first reporting the event to the payment card issuer. We will also cover unauthorized charges on your bank and credit card accounts when their payment cards are in their possession. Losses occurring up to 2 months prior to first reporting the event to the payment card issuer are covered.  Cash advances are not covered.

4.     WalletGuard  

WalletGuard policies provide coverage for the wallet that is lost, stolen, robbery or inadvertently misplaced, (e.g., left on bus) or is in an irretrievable place (e.g., fell down an elevator shaft) which can be a frustrating experience.  Fortunately, WalletGuard provides replacement of costs reimbursement for items hold in the wallets:

  • Lost or stolen wallets
  • Payment cards
  • Lost or stolen papers, including driver’s license, passport, ID documents
  • Application fees for applying for new personal documents

Money, cheque and transportation tickets contained in the wallet are not covered.

5.     Key Replacement

No worries when you do not have access to homes and/or vehicles for an extended period, due to lost or stolen keys. This coverage will reimburse for the following costs:

  • Key Replacement: cost of replacing residence and/or vehicle keys that are lost or stolen
  • Break-in Protection: cost of replacing locks and keys if residences or vehicles are broken into
  • Lockout Reimbursement: cost of obtaining a locksmith if locked out of the residence or vehicle 

Coverage Summary

Maximum Benefit perfor Policy Year (HK$)
  Gold Plan - Discounted Premium HKD:$170 Platinum Plan - Discounted Premium HKD$310

1. e-Purchase Protection

$10,000 (Limit per event $1,000 Excess per event: $100 for each and every claim) $30,000 (Limit per event: $6,000 Excess per event: 10% of the goodproperty's’s purchase price or $300 whichever is higher for each and every claim)

2. Identity Theft

$20,000 (Limit per event 10,000, Losts wage limit 3,000) $50,000 (Limit per event 25,000, Losts wage limit 7,500)

3. Fraudulent Charges

$3,000 $5,000

4. Wallet Guard

$2,500 Lost Wallet limit: $1,000 $5,000 Lost Wallet limit: $2,000

5. Key Replacement

$1,000 (Deductible 10%) $3,800 (Deductible 10%)

* For Coverage 1: Only cover a maximum of five credit cards registered by the Insured Person at the time of application
* For Coverage 4 to 5: One claim per policy year

In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail. 

The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed terms and conditions and exclusions. For full benefit table and premium, please refer to our Product Brochure or click Buy Now.