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Online Exclusive Offer

From 1st August 2019 to 30th September 2019, receive

(i). HK$100 supermarket vouchers when you purchase AIG Individual Personal Accident Insurance of HK$200 and above; or

(ii). HK$50 supermarket vouchers when you purchase AIG Individual Personal Accident Insurance of HK$150 - $199.*


*This promotion offer is subject to Terms & Conditions.

Personal Accident Insurance For Families

Safeguard you and your family against the unexpected

Having a family means you undertake a great amount of responsibility, you make a promise that you will protect and support.

You need to be sure you are protected should you have an accident or fall ill. With AIG's personal accident insurance plans you can be sure to tailor the right amount of protection for you as your family develops and grows.



When you may need this cover?

AIG offers personal accident, hospital cash and critical illness cover to families

Personal Accident Protection

Cover for accidental medical expenses. In event of accidental death or disabililty, we will also provide a lump sum payout. You can use the payout to cover loss of income when an accident strikes and family income suddenly stops.

Daily Hospital Income Cover

Cover medical expenses when hospitalized due to illnesses or accidents.

Critical Illness Cover

Prepare for a loss of income, pay education fees for your children, cover the potentially large medical expenses should you get a serious illness.


How we cater to your family’s needs

Personal accident insurance: payout up to HK$1 million

Lump sum payout up to HK$1 million

Our plans provide up to HK$1 million coverage for accidental death, disability and dismemberment.

The payout allows you and your family to cover loss of income, mortgage, rent, medical expenses or other financial needs.

Family accident insurance provides different plans

Support single parent families

We provide family plans which cover single parents. Safeguard your family with our trustworthy protection.

personal accident insurance covers for accidental medical expenses

Cover for accidental medical expenses

✔ Up to HK$15,000 coverage
✔ Reimburse outpatient, specialists, hospitalization expenses, surgical expenses, Chinese bone-setting and acupuncture expenses

Buy accident insurance and top up with hospital cash and critical illness cover

Optional benefits

✔ Purchase personal accident insurance and you can add on optional benefits including Daily Hospital Income Cover and Critical Illness Cover for just a small amount extra.
✔ This flexible insurance plan allows you to choose a combination that works best for you



You can customize the best insurance plan for your family

Comprehensive Income Cover

Protect your family against the financial burden and loss of income caused by unexpected and serious illness.

Accident insurance with hospital income and critical illness cover

For Accidental Medical Expenses

Worrying about the massive expense and insecure future that an accident may bring?

These products will ease your concerns.

AIG accident insurance and critical illness cover

Child Protection

Kids can be accident prone and at the same time vulnerable. Get protection with our personal accident plan and daily hospital income cover: we help you pay towards better medical care for your little angels.

AIG accident insurance with daily hospital income cover as add-on

Find out more about our coverages*

Know more about AIG personal accident insurance

Personal Accident Cover

✔ Up to HK$1 million coverage for accidental death and disability
✔ Up to HK$15,000 coverage for accidental medical expenses
✔ Covers outpatient, specialist, hospitalization, surgical, Chinese bone-setting and acupuncturists expenses

View more about AIG daily hospital income cover

Daily Hospital Income Cover

✔ Add-on this cover from as little as HK$21 extra premium per month
✔ Daily hospital cash benefit up to 365 days when hospitalized
✔ Double up daily hospital cash if confined to intensive care unit
✔ Extra long-term hospitalization benefit from the 31st day of hospitalization

Know more about AIG critical illness cover

Critical Illness Cover

✔ Add-on this cover from as little as HK$16 extra premium per month
✔ Cover for 47 different critical illnesses
✔ A lump sum will be paid in event of diagnosis
✔ 100% of the sum assured will be paid on most of the critical illnesses covered*


*This is for reference only. For details of coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.



Anyone aged between 18 – 55 is eligible to purchase.

Personal Accident Insurance provides a lump sum cash payment if you suffer an accident that leads to death, disability or dismemberment. The compensation can be used at your choice to pay for your treatments, provide financial support during recovery, or help your family. This product also provides accidental medical expenses benefit which reimburses you for the injury sustained through an accident.

You can choose to have the core cover, Personal Accident Cover, only or make it a comprehensive protection by adding extra covers such as Daily Hospital Income Cover and Critical Illness Cover.

For each cover, you also get to decide the coverage level. It’s entirely up to your choice to select the amount of coverage you need.

You will not be covered under this insurance if your job or the nature of your job is one of the following excluded classes: blaster, jockey, detective, stuntman, stevedore, fisherman, driver (cross-border between Hong Kong and Mainland China), test pilot, circus trainer, aerial worker, caisson worker, lift technician, building wrecker, driller-underground, wild animal trainer, secret service agent, container crane operator, construction site worker, dynamite/explosive operator and government/state disciplinary forces.

IPA is a flexible and affordable insurance product. You can pay the premium monthly, instead of on a yearly basis.

Cover is provided up to the age of 65 years old.

Making a claim is easy. You only need to fill the claim form and submit it along with required documents within 30 days following an incident. We will review and settle your case as soon as we can.

We cover for 47 different serious illnesses. You can see our full list of coverage here.




The above is for reference only and does not form part of the insurance contract. For full terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy document itself which shall prevail in case of inconsistency. AIG Insurance Hong Kong Ltd. reserves right of final approval and decision.

(The English version shall prevail in case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions).