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Rental Protector is a comprehensive insurance solution for landlords. Whilst renting your property can earn you extra income, it also comes with added risk. Your tenant may not meet his or her payment obligations in a timely manner. Your property and appliances may be damaged whilst they are out of your control.  To address these risks, AIG Hong Kong has introduced Rental Protector which provides a landlord with coverage for legal expenses incurred to pursue rent recovery and repossession, loss of rent, damage to property and a supplementary home appliance warranty.

Coverage highlights

  • Up to HK$100,000 legal expense and costs reimbursement for actions taken by the landlord against the tenant to recover the Rent in arrears or regain possession of the Insured Premises
  • Cover up to HK$100,000 or 6 months’ outstanding rent (whichever is the lesser) as a result of default in paying the rent by the tenant
  • 2 Free extensions:
    • Coverage for reinstatement cost of property damaged or destroyed by the tenant
    • Coverage for loss of rent during the uninhabited period during which the damaged or destroyed Property was being repaired or renovated
  • HK$5,000,000 owner’s liability optional cover

*The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed terms and conditions and exclusions.