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AIG Working Holiday Insurance Overview

The Working Holiday Scheme refers to a series of bilateral agreements signed between the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”)  and the governments of several other countries which allows Hong Kong young people to stay and take up  short-term employment in each of these countries.

AIG Hong Kong provides a comprehensive insurance coverage for young people participating in the Working Holiday Scheme, enabling them to  gain valuable experience of local culture and life overseas in the comfort that they are protected against risk.

Popular Features

24/7  Worldwide

Medical and Personal
Accident Cover*

Cover Medical
Evacuation &
Repatriation Service
In Every Policy

Provide full year
Overseas Coverage in
Working Holiday
Destinations and
leisure trip outside the

* Coverage differs according to product & plan.


Types of work covered during your Working Holiday Period

While you are in working holiday, we will cover the jobs normally performed during working holidays including fruit picking, services in restaurant or shops and certain types of manual work.

Help for medical expenses

Ease the financial burden of unexpected medical costs, which can be significant.  We will cover your medical expenses up to US$100,000 if you are injured in an overseas accident or suffer illness overseas during the insured period.

Trip Curtailment protection

We will reimburse you the cost of your additional Travel Ticket if you have to terminate and cut short the insured journey and return to Hong Kong  due to death or serious injury or serious sickness of your immediate family member or the unanticipated outbreak of riot or civil commotion, natural disasters or epidemic.

24/7 travel emergency services support

Working Holiday Scheme protects you with 24-hour emergency assistance to assist you whether you have an emergency event or just need medical advice while overseas.

Two-way hospital visits

Being hospitalized in a foreign country can be daunting. That is why we will pay up to US$ 3,000 for an immediate family member to come and stay with you if that happens.

Cover for personal belongings

We will cover the loss or damage of your personal belongings such as laptop, travel documents or personal baggage as a direct result of theft, robbery or burglary.

For details, please refer to Working Holiday Protection Brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any legal Hong Kong resident aged between 18 to 31 and granted the working holiday visa or relevant document which is issued by any participating country under the Working Holiday Scheme (Please visit website at for the details of the participating countries)

Please press “Buy Now” above or refer to our brochure for premium charges

This policy effective date must be same as, or earlier than the Insured Person’s Departure Date from Hong Kong

In the event of loss, written notice of claim should be submitted to AIG Hong Kong within thirty (30) days after the occurrence, together with all relevant documents. 

You should fill in and sign the related claim form.

In order to help us to deal with your claims, you should provide all the supporting documents to substantiate your claim. Complete documentation will prevent the delay in your claim assessment as additional time may be required to obtain the requisite information

Upon receipt of sufficient documents, we will assess your claim accordingly. The result of your claim submission will be sent to you shortly

Complete and return the claims form with the supporting documents to:

AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited
46/F, One Island East,
18 Westlands Road,
Island East, Hong Kong

You can call our emergency service team 24/7 at (852) 3516-8699

For details, please refer to Working Holiday Insurance Brochure.