To protect your personal information, the attachment has been encrypted. Please follow the steps to create your account and download the document accordingly.

This is the global data security requirement aims at protecting confidential and Personal data so all email may contain SPI (Sensitive Personal Information) sent to external party will need to use this approach.

Please click here for step to open aigencrypt email or click here for step to reset password

It employs “https” protocol to protect against unauthorized attack and encrypted communication between client vs server so it is safe.

Yes after your first logon the site will remember you. Logon on credentials will be maintained on the site. Password will expire every 90 days.

The documents are actually attached in the email, it is only authenticated against the ProofPoint site so emails and attachments will be available as long as the original email is.

Alternatively we can send you the required document by postal mail or fax.

The recipient can see the sender’s email with xxxxx@aig.com format and the email content with AIG logo in it so he/she will know who the source of the sender. He/She is recommended to contact the sender for clarification.

It supports Windows and Android, and no special requirement for browser. ProofPoint and our IT teams are working on the project which should be completed before end of year. 

Not required

The password can be reset by going to the bottom of the log on page for PE and clicking on Forgot Password. The recipient will receive an email sending from proofpoint-pps@aig.com with subject “Proofpoint Encryption Password Reset”. Click the hyperlink given in the email, the recipient can enter a new password.

Other helpful tips

  • Users can click “More Info” on the email envelope for more information.
  • Many outside organizations have locked down user’s desktops or apply a secure policy on the Internet browser. If a recipient has a problem opening the secure email, they may add securemail.aig.com into the trusted sites in their browser.
  • If you experience any problems, please contact your local help-desk or the AIG Global Services Help Desk at 1-800- HELP-HLP (800-435-7457). For Hong Kong Customer, please call +852 3555-0011 or email SecureEmailSupport@aig.com for assistance.

Please see https://www.proofpoint.com/us for information

Your information (First Name, Last Name & Password) will only be used for authentication. It’ll be safe guarded within the AIG system. Password will expire every 90 days.

If the recipient wants to delete a registered account, he/she may send email to secureemailsupport@aig.com