Terms & Conditions



1.        Open to HK residents aged 18 and over, excluding employees of AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“AIG Hong Kong”), other third parties involved in this promotion and members of their respective households. Persons are deemed to be members of the same household where they share the same postal address or e-mail address.

2.        To Enter : entry into the prize draw is automatic on purchase of any travel insurance or auto insurance (fully comprehensive plan or third party coverage) from landing page http://www.aig.com.hk  “Landing Page”) between 1st  April 2019 and 23.59 on 30th April 2019.

3.        If you are automatically entered into the prize draw and subsequently disagree with these Terms and Conditions, or decide that you wish to opt out of the prize draw please contact AIG Hong Kong at any time before 30th April 2019 by writing to Miss Irene Lau by emailing to Irene.lau@aig.com and your entry will be withdrawn.

4.        One policy purchased equals one entry. If auto insurance purchased during the relevant period is cancelled then entry into the prize draw will be withdrawn.

5.        To enter this competition, participants are not required to provide consent for the organiser to use their personal data for separate marketing promotion.

6.        This promotion is only available online and requires internet access and a valid email address. This promotion is not available to customers who purchase an auto policy through an agent or a broker. 

7.        The Prize: One Apple iPhone XS (64GB) OR One Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB) upon the winner’s selection. Participants will be entered into the prize draw following the purchase of their policy if they purchase the policy between 1st April 2019 and 23.59 on 30TH April 2019 (the “Closing Date”).

8.        The winner will be selected in a random draw after the Closing Date, to be conducted on [15th May 2019].

9.        The winner will be contacted by e-mail or letter and by phone within [15 working days] of the draw date.  If the winner does not respond to this notification within 31 days of the notification being made, he/she will be considered to have waived his/her prize, and the prize awarded to a reserve selected at the time of the first selection.

10.     Please allow 28 days for receipt of prize.

11.     All prizes are non-transferrable. There is no cash alternative.

12.     The winner undertake to make no claim in liability against AIG Hong Kong with respect to the prize, or its delivery, condition, attributes or any consequence suffered by the possession or use of the prize.

13.     AIG Hong Kong shall not be liable in the event of any malfunction of the Internet that prevents access to the prize draw or its proper progression.

14.     Should there be any dispute arising out of or in connection with this lucky draw, AIG HK’s decision is final.

15.     Participation in this promotion implies awareness and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation or pirating, and risks of contamination by any viruses circulating over the system.

16.     Participation in the free prize draw implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions shall entail cancellation of the draw entry.

17.     AIG Hong Kong will only use your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Collection Statement.  In particular, by participating, entrants agree that in the event of being selected as a winner, they may be asked to take part in reasonable publicity related to the promotion, including the publication of their name, initial, country, firm or company (if applicable) and any photographs.

18.     Results of the lucky draw will be announced in South China Morning Post and Sing Tao Daily on 25th May 2019.

19.     The English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.

20.     These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Hong Kong and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.

21. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 051888


1.        參加者必須年滿18歲並持有香港居民身份證。所有美亞保險香港有限公司﹝「美亞保險」﹞之員工、並有份參與策劃此推廣之人士及其同一家庭成員,均不可參加。使用相同郵寄地址或電郵地址之人士均被視為同一家庭成員。

2.        參加者只要於2019年4月1日起至2019年4月30日晚上11時59分,經網頁http://www.aig.com.hk(「網頁」)投保任何美亞旅遊智易保或汽車保險 (綜合汽車保險或第三者責任保險),即可自動參加本抽獎。

3.        如您已自動參加本抽獎,但其後並不同意本條款及細則,或因其他原因選擇退出本抽獎,請於2019年4月30日前聯絡美亞保險劉小姐,電郵至 irene.lau@aig.com 退出本抽獎。

4.        每張保單相等於一次抽獎機會。如於相關期間內取消保單,抽獎機會亦會被一同取消。

5.        參加者參與本活動無需同意其個人資料被主辦單位用作市場推廣之用。

6.        本推廣僅開放於網上投保,當中需要網路連接及有效之電郵地址。本推廣不適用於經保險經紀或中介人投保之保單。

7.        獎品:得獎者可按個人意願選擇IPHONE XS (64GB) 一部或IPHONE XS MAX (64GB) 一部。若參加者於2019年4月1日起至2019年4月30日晚上11時59分內投保,即可自動參加本抽獎。

8.        得獎者將於截止日期後隨機抽出。抽獎於[2019年5月15日]舉行。

9.        得獎者將會於抽獎日後[15個工作天]內收到電郵或郵件及電話通知。如得獎者於獲獎通知發出後31天內仍未有回覆,則會被視作放棄獎品,而獎品將贈予第一次隨機抽獎之候補。

10.     獎品將於28天後供領取。

11.     所有獎品均不可轉讓或兌換現金。

12.     得獎者承諾不會就該獎品,其交付,品質,特質或任何因擁有或使用獎品而蒙受的後果向美亞保險提出索償。

13.     任何因網絡技術及相關問題而引致參加者未能成功參與本抽獎,美亞保險概不對此負上任何責任。

14.     如對本抽獎有任何爭議,均以美亞保險的決定為最終決定。

15.     參加本推廣即代表參加者已知悉使用互聯網的特徵及限制,有機會帶來資料被挪用或盜用,或感染電腦病毒的風險。

16.     參加免費抽獎即代表參加者同意此條款及細則,如參加者無法遵從或不同意此條款及細則,則會被視作退出本抽獎。

17.     美亞保險只會根據個人資料收集聲明使用您的資料。尤其,通過參與,參加者同意,若被選為得獎者,得獎者可能會被要求參與有關推廣的合理宣傳,包括公佈得獎者的姓名、簡稱、國家、商號或公司(如適用)及任何照片。

18.     抽獎結果將於2019年5月25日刊登於南華早報及星島日報。

19.     本條款及細則中文與英文版本之內容如有矛盾之處,均以英文版本為準。

20.     本條款及細則受香港法律所管轄。

21.     推廣生意的競賽牌照號碼:51888