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Compare Critical Illness Insurance – Which ones suit me better?

According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry of the Hospital Authority, there has been an increasing trend of the number of new cancers in the 20-44 age group. With the rejuvenating phenomenon of a severely ill population, more people have realized the importance of preparing for danger since having suitable critical illness protection can protect their lives at crucial moments!

Critical Illness Insurance (with saving) VS Pure Critical Illness Insurance (without saving)

Critical illness insurance is usually divided into 2 types: with and without saving. It is important for us to understand the differences between the covers of these 2 types of insurance plans before making a purchase. Below are their comparisons.

Critical Illness Insurance (with saving)

Feature: Include saving components so that the insured can grow one’s wealth.



  1. May provide whole life protection
  2. With wealth appreciation features
  3. May provide multi-claims option 
  1. Premiums are expensive, and monthly premiums are usually over a thousand dollars. The payment period is inflexible with more extended payment periods. If the insured withdraws the insurance policy earlier, the values of the premiums will be deducted.
  2. If you withdraw the insurance policy earlier, the cash value of the policy would be lower.

Pure Critical Illness Insurance (without saving)

Feature: Do not include any saving component. The premiums mainly cover medical expenses. 




    The premiums are relatively cheaper

    Premiums are fully used for medical coverage

    Once the insured is diagnosed with certain diseases, cash compensation would be issued immediately

    Flexible payment period

  1. Only one-time compensation would be provided during the guaranteed year.




How to choose between Critical Illness Insurance (with saving) and pure critical illness insurance?

There are different kinds of critical illness insurance on the market. When choosing a critical illness insurance plan, what kinds of factors should we consider? Before making a purchase, it is important to assess your financial capability. As the critical illness plan with savings may cost higher, it may be suitable for those with stable income and sufficient financial capability. If you prefer more a critical illness plan with comprehensive coverage, you may consider choosing pure critical illness insurance in which the insured can receive a lump sum compensation if they are unfortunately diagnosed with severe disease, meanwhile the premium is also cheaper and with higher flexibility.

It is important to note that critical illness insurance is aimed to reduce the financial burden caused by severe illnesses. Therefore, it is vital for the insured to consider whether the coverages and types of the plan are suitable for your needs!

AIG Critical Illness SafeGuard

In general, insurance usually covers 3 basic critical diseases: cancer, stroke, and heart disease. AIG Critical Illness SafeGuard is a pure critical illness insurance plan that covers 3 major critical illnesses and 44 types of common critical illnesses, such as End Stage Kidney Failure and Parkinson's Disease. Apart from 100% payout upon diagnosis for these 3 major illnesses, there will be an extra 50% payout for the insured if he/she is diagnosed with a specific major cancer. 

Would you like to know more about AIG Critical Illness SafeGuard? Click here and learn more.