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Travel Insurance Case Study|AIG Case Study

Even if life encounters unexpected challenges, AIG's comprehensive and highly flexible travel insurance products can fully protect you and help you worry-free. Our travel insurance products are committed to putting the interests of customers first, and the processing of claims is efficient and fast.  

Read the following real travel insurance case study from our customers to understand how we put customers first. 

Rosie was on vacation with her husband, Anson, on Krabi Island, Thailand, when she started getting severe diarrhoea. She was admitted to a local hospital where she was diagnosed with food poisoning and conservative treatment was administered. Anson called AIG ATAP global service centre for help and advice. 

We called her treating doctor for more information and her medical report. After we completed a review, we approved cover and a guarantee of payment was provided to the hospital. Rosie recovered the following day and was discharged. The couple continued their stay and returned home as planned. 

Comment from the Customer:

“I appreciate your professional and effective assistance given during my wife’s emergency. I appreciate very much your prompt response to expedite the unforeseen situation. Great work and professional service. Thank you very much, AIG. Great job!” – Anson 

Rosie Cheung - AIG client for 1 year

Marcus was on a trip to Singapore when he started experiencing weakness in the right side of his face, body, and limbs. His son, Ivan, back home called AIG for help with his medical expenses after Marcus was admitted to the hospital.  

AIG Travel called the doctor after speaking to Ivan. We learned that Marcus had a stroke because of a blockage of blood flow to his brain. We then proceeded to check in with his general practitioner back home to find out more about his general health. After getting updates and his past medical records, we ruled out pre-existing conditions and approved coverage.  

He remained hospitalized for a week, and we kept him under close monitoring throughout the whole time. We also constantly updated his family on his recovery progress. Eventually, Marcus safely got back home, and his son was grateful to have our support throughout the ordeal. 

Comment from the Customer: 

“You have no idea how much relief. Thank you so much! It is so expensive there and I'm very glad. I think my dad is going to be glad too. Thank you so much! Really Appreciate your help!" - Marcus' son 

Marcus Lee - AIG client for 2 years


Nick was on a work assignment in Cairo, Egypt, and got injured in a car accident. At the local Hospital, x-rays revealed that he had fractured his left thigh bone, and he needed surgery. His colleague called AIG for help. 

AIG Travel got in touch with his treating doctor to get more information about his injury. After getting updates and medical reports, we approved the cover and provided the hospital with a guarantee of payment.  

The patient underwent fixation surgery the following day and remained in the hospital for another week. We arranged for his return after he was given clearance to travel by upgrading him to business class accompanied by a non-medical escort. Ground transfers at both ends and wheelchair and porter services at the airports were also arranged to ease his travel.  

Nick safely got home, and he thanked us for taking care of him. 

Comment from the Customer: 

“Your follow up was very efficient and you really cared about me. The team was very responsible.” 

Nick Yiu - AIG client for 6 years

Charles was on vacation with his father in Vancouver when he fell while snowboarding and injured his left leg.  

At the local hospital, x-rays confirmed that he had fractured his shin bone. The treating doctor advised Charles to either get admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks for treatment or immediately return home to do the same. Charles’ father quickly called AIG for help to get them back to Hong Kong. 

AIG Travel reviewed Charles’ medical report and approved cover. He had to wear walking boots and use crutches to move around so we booked him on business class for better legroom and comfort with his father as his non-medical escort.  

The duo safely got back to Hong Kong and Charles was to get further treatment in a local hospital. 

Comment from the Customer: 

“Thanks for the prompt ticket arrangement for us. Your help is appreciated.” 

Charles Leung - AIG client for 4 years 

Wilson on a work assignment in Ghana collapsed at work one day and was rushed to a local medical center. His employer’s HR representative called AIG to get our assistance.  

We quickly got in touch with the treating doctor and learned that Wilson was experiencing weakness in his body and slurred speech. Further tests confirmed that he had contracted malaria and he was given conservative treatment. 

Wilson’s employer insisted on having him treated in South Africa instead. After the review, we then agreed to bear the cost of transfer via air ambulance and arranged for his transfer to another hospital a day later.  

Wilson stayed in the hospital for treatment and physiotherapy for another 10 days. After he was given clearance to travel, we arranged for his return to his home country on commercial business class for better comfort, with prearranged non-medical escort, wheelchair, and porter services at airports and ground transfers at both ends to ease his journey. 

Comment from the Customer: 

“Your service was good. You were able to resolve all difficult matters." 

Wilson Lam- AIG client for 5 years

2-year-old Krystal was in Fukuoka, Japan with her parents when she began having high fever and stomach pain.  At the local hospital, she was initially treated for pneumonia but while on admission she developed a rash and her arms and legs swelled up.  

Her father called AIG for assistance. We learned that Krystal had Kawasaki disease, an illness that causes inflammation of the blood arteries and she was immediately treated. The cover was approved after we reviewed her medical reports. 

Krystal remained hospitalized for another five days. Throughout the whole time, we kept her under close monitoring. We were also constantly in touch with her parents and kept them updated about her condition.  

Later, we arranged for Krystal’s return with her mother, Emily, as a non-medical escort, and ground transfers at both ends were arranged for them. 

Comment from the Customer: 

“We are very happy with AIG’s support. It had been a challenge for our family, so we are very happy. Thank you.”– Krystal’s parents

Emily & Krystal - AIG client for 1 year

Mr. Wong and five of his tour companions were involved in a serious car accident in Melbourne. All six people suffered varying degrees of injuries, including three serious cases (Mr. Wong was among them), who suffered head injuries, traumatic brain injury, and loss of vision in one eye. 


They were in a circumstance that needed to be immediately taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) for treatment.

After receiving the message, we immediately activated the emergency assistance service, including:

  • Immediately call the insured person to understand the accident situation and prepare an assistance plan 
  • Inform the insured person and their family of the relevant insurance claim documents required 
  • Obtain both verbal and written consent of the family to learn about the medical condition from the attending physician 
  • Contact the attending physician to monitor the medical condition of the insured person 

Mr. Wong and the other two seriously injured tour companions remained in the local hospital for more than three months for treatment and rehabilitation. We kept in close contact with their families throughout the process. 

We successively transported the remaining two tour companions back to China. After that, on the day Mr. Wong (the last discharged person in the tour group) was discharged from the hospital, we arranged for him to return to China on a business class. 

Mr. Wong was accompanied by a caregiver and wheelchair pick-up service to help him arrive home safe and sound.

Comment from the Customer:

"We are very satisfied with your service. You have worked hard during our hard times. Many thanks to AIG!"

Mr. Wong - AIG client for 8 years

While visiting Vietnam, Mr Wu suffered a sudden stroke. His friend later contacted the AIG Travel emergency assistance centre for help. Due to the limited medical resources of the hospital, the patient's family intended to transfer Mr Wu to another private hospital to receive better medical care.  

To preserve the benefit of the insured person, here are the details regarding how our AIG Travel assistance coordinators actively assisted. 

  • Obtained verbal and written consent from the insured person's family to learn about Mr Wu's medical condition from the attending physician 

  • Assessed Mr Wu’s medical condition and assisted in his transfer to another hospital 

  • Evaluated whether the hospital had sufficient medical facilities and capabilities to handle Mr Wu's medical condition 

  • Drafted a list of recommended medical institutions for the insured person's family to consider  

  • Translated medical reports from Vietnamese to English 

  • Updated Mr Wu's friends and family regularly on his medical conditions and the AIG Travel medical team's recommendations for repatriation 

  • Confirmed the appropriate method for repatriation based on his medical needs 

Finally, when Mr Wu was ready to be repatriated, upon agreement from Mr Wu and his family, we initiated the medical repatriation service. 

Not only did we apply for medical approval and stretcher beds from the airlines, but also arranged for doctors and nurses to monitor Mr Wu throughout the journey. Additionally, we arranged for two family members and their luggage to accompany Mr Wu in the ambulance and safely arrive at a designated hospital. 

Comment from the Customer:

"Thanks to the swift and professional response from the AIG team." - Friend of Mr Wu 

"Thank you for the timely updates from the AIG team." - Friend of Mr Wu

Mr Wu -  AIG Customer for 3 years

The above travel insurance case studies from our customers are all from real cases. AIG will continue to provide high-quality and comprehensive insurance products to its customers and strive to ensure that every customer can enjoy the fun of travel with ease.

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