Hong Kong’s first territory-wide driving safety competition rewards good driving behavior

December 12, 2016 – Hong Kong – AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“AIG”) has launched a first-of-its-kind competition: “Are you the best driver in Hong Kong?”  Open to all private car drivers in Hong Kong, the competition will reward the best driver with one year worth of free fuel (valued at HK$15,000). By downloading the AIG Drive Master app, the only intelligent driving app available in Chinese and English in Hong Kong, participants will become eligible to compete for many prizes. The “Are you the best driver in Hong Kong?” competition runs from December 12, 2016 to March 11, 2017.

AIG Drive Master provides drivers with personalized information to evaluate and enhance their driving abilities by measuring parameters such as acceleration, average speed, braking force and cornering speed. With this information, users can compete between themselves, or join other challenges such as “Men Vs Women”, for badges, rewards and special gifts whilst sharing it with friends and family on social media. Users can also track how their scores translate into potential discounts on their car insurance premium

“In line with our global commitment to improve road safety, AIG is proud to introduce Drive Master: the first intelligent driving app in Hong Kong available in both Chinese and English” said Rudi Spaan, President and CEO of AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

Mr Spaan explained, “As an industry leader in applying and leveraging new technology, AIG is seeking to help drivers analyze and improve their driving performance through advanced telematics;  while safe drivers will be rewarded with prizes and insurance premium discounts.“

AIG Drive Master is available for free download in Hong Kong beginning December 12, 2016 through the Apple Store and Google Play. For more detailed information on competitions and rewards, please visit: