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AIG Car Insurance Overview

Feel safe with us

We know a good car is smooth, safe, easy to operate and trustworthy. We also know a good insurance product gives you peace of mind and confidence to be on the roads.

Newly Added Benefits

  • “New for Old Cover” in Year 1
  • Loss of Car Keys
  • No Claim Discount Protection
  • Nil Depreciation on Spare Parts for vehicles less than 3 years
  • Up to 15% discount during renewal if you achieve Safe Driver’s status in our Drive Master mobile application 

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Available Plans

1. Auto Select 

A comprehensive motor insurance plan which cover Own Damage , Medical Expenses, Third Party Property Damage  & Bodily Injuries, Roadside Assistance, Windscreen Protection, Hire Car, etc.

2. Auto Prestige

A super comprehensive plan which provides enhanced benefit limits such as HK$5m for Third Party Property Damage and include coverage for Personal Accident and Personal Belongings.

Coverage Summary

Coverage Summary
  Maximum limit (HK$) Maximum limit (HK$)

Plan Type

Select* Prestige*

Own Damage

Up to SI Up to SI

Third Party Property Damage

$2,000,000 $5,000,000

Third Party Bodily Injury

$100,000,000 $100,000,000

Medical Expenses

$2,000 $10,000

New for old Cover in Year 1

Yes Yes

Rental Car : 7 Days

Up to $500 Per Day Up to $650 Per Day

Windscreen Protection

Up to $4,000 Up to $6,000

No Claim Discount Protection

$50,000 or 15% of sum insured, whichever is the less

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Yes Yes

Loss of Car Keys

$2,000 $2,000

Nil Depreciation On Spare Parts (Vehicle age less than 3 years)

Yes Yes

Personal Accident to Named Driver(s) : $200,000

No Yes

Personal Belongings : $10,000

No Yes

AIG Car Insurance Benefits

Key Benefits of Comprehensive Coverage*:


Loss of or Damage to your own vehicle

This is a cover for the accidental loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to a covered peril.

Third Party Bodily Injury

Cover for your legal liability in the event that you have to pay compensation for any bodily injury to or death of a third party, following a covered accident.

Third Party Property Damage

Cover for your legal liability in the event that you have to pay compensation for damage to materials and property, following a covered accident.

Medical Expenses

Cover for a limited amount of medical treatment incurred as a direct result of an accident when using the insured vehicle.

Rental Car

If you are unable to use your car due to an accident, you will be eligible to receive a rental car for up to 7 days.

Roadside Assistance

Extensive breakdown and accident recovery is offered 365 days a year. Services include towing service, flat tire and battery jumps start.  

No Claims Discount Protection

Protecting your NCB allows you to have a certain amount of accidents without affecting the bonus


*The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the policy documents for detailed terms and conditions and exclusions or click Buy Now


Still require more information? Please contact one of the following options:

  • Call our Customer Service Hotline on (852) 3666 7033
  • Your servicing agent


Key Information

Please refer to the following claim process in the event of an accident:

Step 1: You should immediately notify one of the following:

  • Your Insurance Agent
  • Your Broker
  • AIG Contact Center


Step 2: Complete and submit a claim form along with the following documents:

     For damage to your own vehicle:

  • Repair cost estimation. (You should only repair after receiving AIG approval)
  • Copy of the complete vehicle registration document
  • Copy of the vehicle operator's driving license
  • Copy of the vehicle operator's HKID Card
  • Police report and a rough sketch of the accident

      For a claim involving third party:

  • Following details of the third party :

        -Full name
        -Vehicle registration number
        -Vehicle make and model
        -TP motor insurer and policy number
        -HKID Card number,
        -Telephone number and address

  • The details of any witnesses


In the event of the theft of your car please immediately notify the police and AIG immediately.


Useful Notes

  • Always report a traffic accident to the police without delay
  • Do not admit liability or make any settlement with any third party without our prior written consent
  • Following an accident forward to us  all communication received from the police or any other party

Frequently Asked Questions

Third-party only policies cover damage to others as the result of an accident that was deemed your fault. Any damage to your own car is not covered under this policy. Comprehensive coverage provides you with coverage for damage to your car and your liability against others.

It is important you clearly mention the intended use for your vehicle; this is because different policies are designed for different uses.

If you have a private car policy, your vehicle can only be used for domestic and leisure purposes, and this policy is available online.

If you have a vehicle that is to be used for commercial or business purposes, please contact our customer service center on 3666-7033 who can help provide you with the right policy.

Yes, for full details please refer to your policy schedule and terms and conditions.

In the event you require emergency assistance please contact the AIG Emergency Hotline on 3122-2390, which is available 24 hours a day.

As a Comprehensive policyholder you can utilize the breakdown and towing service as well as flat tire and battery assistance.

As a Third Party policyholder we will provide you with 24 hour advisory services including referral to an emergency services provider.

Our contact center can provide assistance in making changes to your policy;

If you wish to cancel your policy before inception, please note there will be an Administration fee of HK$300.

  • Contact your AIG agent or broker
  • Contact AIG directly at 3666 7033
  • Click here to buy instantly at

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