Decoration Insurance Package

Taking the worry out of your refurbishment and decoration works


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Whether you are planning to decorate your home, set up your new shop or expand your premises, it is vital that that appropriate insurance protection is secured before work commences. This helps to safeguard your assets and liabilities against accidents that may arise from the contract works. Also, proof of insurance is required by many property managers for contractors to carry out the decoration works.

AIG brings you a package solution that meets these needs. This coverage includes Contractors’ All Risks and Employees’ Compensation insurance. The level of protection can be customized to fit different demands depending on contract value, 3rd party liability exposure and employers’ liability exposure, as required.

Who is it for?

Owners/occupiers of the premises or contractors engaged for the decoration work. 

What is covered?


Section I - Contract Work (Material Damage)

Offers property damage protection against accidents occurring during the contract period for contracted decoration work in progress on existing property of owners/occupiers.

Section II - 3rd Party Liability

Indemnifies legal liabilities against 3rd party claims for  property damage or bodily injury arising out of decoration process and works performed by contractors.


Meets the employer’s obligation under legislation to provide insurance coverage to the extent that contractors and property owners/occupiers as principals serve as employers of workers engaging in the contract work.

FREE Value-Added coverage enhancement available

  • Benefit on unexpected increase in contract value - offer 10% automatic increase in contract value to save extra costs on premium
  • Upgrade on property coverage - safeguard the existing property belonging to the principals at contract location up to HK$30,000,000
  • Relief on additional expense - cover the cost on removal of debris following loss up to 10% of insured contract value
  • Allowance on Hotel Accommodation - indemnify the extra cost of hotel accommodation up to HK$50,000 in the event that the “home” is damaged and rendered uninhabitable following fire
  • Protection on Vibration Damage - extend to cover liability arising out of vibration, removal or weakening of structural building up to HK$30,000,000
  • Extension on Maintenance Period - continue the protection after completion of work up to 3 months

Important Notes        

  • Age of building where premises is located shall not exceed 40 years(Except residential building with appointed property management company and age of building does not exceed 50 years)
  • Coverage is on single and new contract basis in occupied buildings, not valid for annual open cover, outstanding or remaining work, special work or MTR contracts which require non-standard terms and conditions
  • Product is primarily for interior decoration work. External building work involving billboards, claddings, unauthorized building works, etc. are to be individually reviewed
  • Not applicable to works involving sprinkler, fire services, lift/escalator services, underground drainage or public utilities
  • Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail

Major Exclusions

  • Fault, defect, error or omission in or failure of any design plan or specification, material or workmanship
  • Loss of use, liquidated damages, penalties, performance guarantees or other consequential losses
  • Loss of damage due to wear and tear, rust, mildew or other deterioration due to gradually operating cause
  • Loss arising from professional liability; cyber risk; strike, riot or civil commotion; completed operation, pollution
  • Liability to property in the care, custody or control of the insureds or contractors
  • Liability to self-employed persons, sole proprietors or partners
  • War Risk, Terrorism, Sanctioned Countries, Asbestos, etc.