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Comprehensive, flexible liability coverage with worldwide jurisdiction

Decoration Insurance Package

Whether you are planning to decorate your home, set up your new shop, expand your enterprise, etc., it is vital that appropriate insurance protection is secured before work commences. Please contact licensed insurance intermediary for coverage details and arrangements.

Employees' Compensation

The purchase of Employees’ Compensation (“EC”) insurance is not only mandated by law, but is an imperative means of protecting your business’ balance sheet in the event of accidents to your employees. Combined with our loss prevention and control services, our EC insurance solution can also reduce the risk of injury to your employees and assist with their recovery if the unexpected happens.

Environmental Impairment Liability

No business is entirely insulated from environmental risk; whether that risk stems from current site activities, operations provided to third-parties or historical liabilities. Getting the right protection is imperative to avoid the unexpected proving devastating to your business.

General Liability

The threat of liability exposure is ever present for all businesses. Further, as business models evolve, so does your company’s liability risk profile, both in terms of type and amount. Whatever the nature of your business, our general liability insurance solution can help provide you with the right protection when you need it the most, so you can face the future with confidence.

Product Recall and Contaminated Product Insurance

We provide tailor-made Product Recall and Contaminated Product coverage to protect against the direct and indirect costs of a product recall. Our insurance solution also includes crisis management planning, assistance and loss prevention services through specialist consultants.

Products Liability

As one of the most experienced products liability insurers in town, we offer extensive and competitive cover for a wide range of products. Both “occurrence” and “claims made” cover is available on a worldwide basis.