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Corporate Business Travel

Corporate Business Travel Insurance protects your company and its employees at home and abroad against financial disruption caused by serious accidents, illness and delays. It can also protect money, travel documents and personal belongings whilst travelling in a business capacity. AIG can also provide tailored solutions to suit the needs and requirements of your business.

Group Personal Accident

We offer organisations the choice to cover their employees on a 24-hour basis worldwide or only whilst they are at work. Benefits include coverage for accident-related injuries, death and permanent disabilities.

GroupPlus - Personal Accident and Travel

A revolutionary type of Group Personal Accident and Travel Insurance policy that is designed to be more flexible in scope of cover by removing some of the traditional exclusions and age limit; and introducing new benefits that will lead today’s insurance market.

Voluntary Employee Benefits (VEB)

Voluntary Employee Benefits (VEB) is defined as an offering of optional voluntary benefits at the workplace which employees can purchase and pay for as employee-funded benefits.