Marine Cargo

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Emerging markets

As goods cross borders by land, air or sea, maintaining control over them becomes increasingly difficult. Globalisation has made trade with less developed countries a reality, where weaker logistics infrastructure and theft may pose threats to freight delivery.

Maintaining expectations

Technological advances have created high expectations by customers in terms of manufacture and delivery. Supply chains need to be protected from disruption and the negative impacts on customer loyalty, company reputation and cash flow.

Managing your risks

AIG provides a risk prevention service (known as Marine Loss Control Engineering) so our customers can rely on a specialised entity to monitor their risks and to work on reducing the potential for losses or damage.

The full range of solutions

AIG offers freight insurance in all its forms: door to door, or warehouse to warehouse, by sea, land, air or rail and from raw material to finished product. We regularly cover infrastructure projects thousands of kilometres from our clients’ bases.

International is our middle name

AIG can combine technical efficiency with a pragmatic business approach, while employing our broad international network to ensure the best possible protection for our customers’ assets and their business reputation.

Our claims and service strengths

AIG is committed to building strong, lasting relationships with clients. They can draw on the servicing and claims experience of our offices across the globe, including key emerging markets, to ensure a uniform and reliable experience.

Who is it for?

  • Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail and Construction companies as well as a multitude of other businesses
  • Infrastructure projects (Project Cargo) with coverage of consequential losses (ALOP - Advanced Loss of Profit)
  • Freight services (such as forwarding agents wishing to offer Freight Transport insurance to their customers)
  • SMEs, multinationals and in general, all exporters and importers

What is covered?

The policy provides comprehensive cover against risks of loss or damage for goods in transit from point A to B by sea, air (including courier) and land.

Product Details

AIGMC (formerly eMarine) is a unique internet-based solution that enables customers to exert complete control over their cargo insurance needs. Customers can issue marine certificate and declare shipments through a secure online platform anytime anywhere. It increases operational efficiency by providing streamlined document processing functionality with greater accuracy and ower operational costs.