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Broad, flexible cover

We offer an adjustable solution that is based around the true needs of our clients from port authorities to terminal operators and all operations in between, covering not only third party damage, but also damage to the owner’s property and the interests of people injured as a result.

Our global reach works for you

By necessity, marine is a global business. At AIG, we combine local expertise and knowledge with the quality and responsiveness of our international network, to ensure the best possible protection for our clients’ assets and their business reputation.

Who is it for?

Our protection includes key sectors such as:

  • Terminal operators
  • Port authorities
  • Stevedores liability
  • Ship repair companies
  • Freight-Forwarders and Logistics Operators
  • Charterers

What is covered?

Available coverage includes:

  • Port and terminal operator’s liability
  • Stevedore’s liability
  • Wharfinger’s liability
  • Marine general liability
  • Ship repairer's liabilities
  • Freight forwarder’s liability
  • Charterer’s liability
  • Excess marine liabilities