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Travel claims - Just 3 minutes to know how to report a claim

We understand you are in urgent for getting help ! Please spend few minutes & follow below simple steps to submit claim to AIG for getting the shortest processing time.#

#This note is for your guidance only and does not vary the terms of the Policy or form part thereof.

Submission Timeline:

In the event of loss, written notice of claim should be given to us within thirty (30) days after the occurrence, except death claim which requires immediate notice in writing. 

Step1 - Prepare required documents

Prepare required documents to expedite the claim handling process. We may request from you any additional information/documentation, as necessary.

1a. Prepare General Required Documents

1. Travel insurance certificate or Travel agency tour receipt indicating you have purchased travel insurance for the said tour

2. Trip Itinerary, such as Boarding pass/Train or Air ticket/Tour receipt

3. Completed Claim Form

4. If the loss is covered by other third party (i.e. Insurer, airline, hotel, etc.), please provide their settlement letter

1b. Prepare specific required documents

Please select the type of claim, we will let you know what documents are required for your submission.

Step2 - Submit Claims in 30 Days

Submit your claims with above required materials.

Our quick and easy to use online insurance claim process takes away the added stress of filling out forms. Please click here to start the process.

Tips: Ways to submit supporting documents

Email to
Mail to 7/F, One Island East, 18 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Step3 - Review & Settlement

Upon your claim submission, you will receive an acknowledgment SMS and/or email within 2 working days for your first claim submission.

At the same time, your claim will be processed. The length of time that it takes to settle a claim will depend on the nature of the exposure and its complexity. A straight-forward accidental medical expenses claim might be settled in a very short period of time. You can be assured that our claims adjuster will help you throughout the entire process.

Available Payment Methods

Faster Payment System (FPS)*
Direct credit to Hong Kong Bank Account (HKD account only)

*Faster Payment System (FPS) is only applicable for claims payment amount under HKD5,000

Got Some Questions? Read our FAQs now

We will process your claim in such way that the most effective outcome is achieved. If any clarifications or follow up is needed, our claims handler will contact you as soon as possible. Every claim will be assessed on its own merit in accordance with the relevant policy terms and conditions.

If you do not submit all the required supporting documents, the processing of your claim may be delayed because additional time is required to obtain the requisite documentation ourselves. In some situations, if you are unable to provide the required documents, we may be unable to complete the processing of your claim.

You can send the supporting documents to us by post, Email or Fax. To facilitate our prompt handling, please write down our claim reference number on the top of the first page of your submitted documents. 

Generally speaking, original receipts and supporting documents are required in order to process Personal Accident and Travel claims. However, this also depends on the nature of the claim and type of the receipt

Please indicate on the claim form you submit that you are requesting the return of your original receipts. We will return the certified true copy of original receipts to you once the assessment of your claim is complete.

If, for any reason, the hospital does not supply the requisite information for the claim form, you may leave Section 1B blank and attach a full hospital discharge summary for our assessment. After reviewing your claim, we will determine if completion of Section1B is necessary to complete the processing

Yes, you are. You should always submit your travel insurance certificate. If you are making a claim under an annual travel policy, departure proof is required. If you are making a claim under a corporate travel policy, proof of the nature of the trip, destination and its duration (from your company) is required.

Please submit the tour package receipt (not the deposit receipt) indicating that travel insurance has been purchased.

Depreciation is applied when calculating the amount for loss or damage to personal belongings. The relevant rate applied will vary according to a number of variables, including the nature of claimed item, the age of the item and whether purchase receipts have been supplied.



- This note is for your guidance only and does not vary the terms of the Policy or form part thereof. AIG reserves the right to amend these requirements or seek additional information to support each claim.

- HKFI Insurance Fraud Prevention Claims Database (IFPCD) details

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