Travel Restrictions and Coverage of TravelWise

Latest announcement: 
Regarding travel restrictions and the coverage of “TravelWise”

According to the terms and condition of “TravelWise”, journey cancellation and re-arrangement is not covered due to the travel restriction imposed by the government of travel destination.

Please note that any loss arises from quarantine or travel restrictions due to government orders, warnings, advisories, regulations, directives, prohibitions, or border closures, relating to any current or previous epidemic or pandemic (including, but not limited to, COVID-19 and any mutation, strain, or variation of COVID-19) as declared by the World Health Organization or by any official governmental body or health authority, and also includes any preventive or preemptive action taken to prevent spread of a potential epidemic or pandemic, are excluded in the policy.

If the customer would like to amend the insured period (equal to or more than the original scheduled insured period) before the departure date, s/he may purchase a new “TravelWise” policy, and email to with the original policy numbers, new policy numbers and the reason of amendment, for our further process:

Once the policy replacement procedure is completed, we will arrange the premium to be refunded in around 6 to 8 weeks.

The submission of an incomplete or insufficient information may delay the processing or result in the denial of your policy replacement request.

Please be informed that the new policy should be:

  • Coverage Plan, Details and Number of Insured Person(s) must be the same as the Original Policy (upgrade plan / increase number of Insured Person(s) are allowed). 
  • Rider(s) also need to be included under the New Policy if they were add-on on the Original Policy;
  • If the New Insured Period is shortened, please provided the updated Itinerary (e.g.: Latest Flight Itinerary) for our reference;
  • Promotion Code is not allowed to purchase the New Policy (if applicable)

We regret to inform that no refund of premium is allowed once the policy has been issued. However, we can offer policy postponement for up to 6 months from the scheduled departure date. Should you wish to apply policy postponement, please email to for our consideration.  

Please feel free to call us at (852) 3666 7022 during our business hour (Mondays to Fridays at 09:00 to 17:30; except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) or send email to for enquiry.  

Please feel free to call us at (852) 3666 7090 during our business hour (Mondays to Fridays at 09:00 to 17:30; except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) or send email to for enquiry.



This above information is for reference only.  For exact policy coverage and details of the exclusions, please refer to the policy wording which shall prevail in case of inconsistency.
In the event of differences between the English and Chinese version of the above information, the English version shall prevail.