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AIG Voluntary Employee Benefit Program

Anyone can fall victim to accidents and illnesses.

Are you well prepared if the unexpected occurs? With AIG voluntary employee benefit program, our protection plan can help you face the future should you have an accident or fall ill.

Product Features*

Flexible & Simple plan
Covers different types of accidents-including manual work, traffic , accidents, etc.
Family Plan Available- enjoy benefits with your spouse , child(ren) and parents**
Affordable premiums at discounted group rates
Anyone aged between 18- 65 (including you and your spouse) is eligible to apply, and can be renewed til 69

*This is for reference only. For details of coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording.

** ”Family Coverage” includes the insured, spouse, and all unmarried dependent children aged between 6 months and 21, or up to 25 for full-time student.  Our Senior Care Protection Plan can provide cover for your parents.

What does AIG’s Voluntary Employee Benefits Program offer?

One-off Payment for Accidental Death or Disablement

Coverage from HK$27 a month*
Our plan provides you with a lump-sum payment for accidental death, dismemberment and permanent total disability within 12 months of an accident.

✔ Up to HK$1.4 million coverage
✔ Different levels of cover for you to select.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

We reimburse you for injuries sustained through an accident.

✔ Cover for outpatient, specialist, hospitalization expenses, surgical expenses
✔ We also reimburse Chinese bonesetters and acupuncturists expenses
with up to HK$1,500 per disability and HK$3,000 per policy year

Daily Hospital Income Cover

We know how worrying being hospitalized can be, for example loss of income or the expense of good medical care.

Top up your policy to include hospital income cover and we provide you with up to HK$1,250/ day coverage for each benefit including daily hospital income benefit, intensive care unit benefit and long term hospitalization benefit. 

Critical Illness Cover

The sad truth is many of us will be diagnosed with a critical illness at some point in our lives, whatever age you are.

We cover 47 different critical illnesses that commonly occur amongst Hong Kong people including major cancer, stroke, heart attack and kidney failure.

We provide a payment of 100% sum insured upon diagnosis of 44 of our covered critical illnesses. 

You can add on cover for CIS, with 20% of the sum insured being paid in the event of the first diagnosis of CIS of female or meal organs.

You can see our full list of coverage here.

Optional Senior Care Protection Plan

We provide Senior Care Protection Plan specifically for HKCSS members. Simply purchase Personal Accident Cover, Daily Hospital Income Cover or Critical Illness Cover to then be eligible to purchase a Senior Care Protection Plan.

Monthly premiums start from only HK$107.

*The above information is for reference only. For the full benefit table, please refer to our policy wording ( personal accident / daily hospital income cover / critical illness / senior care protection plan / optional CIS cover / optional China Assist Card Service). 

For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.

Personal Accident Cover

Case Study

Insured: Tony Lam (Anonym)
Age: 48

Accidentally slipped and fell

- Medical report showed spinal cord injury and paraplegia

- Unable to return to any gainful occupation as his activities of daily living require much assistance including toileting and bathing

Personal Accident Cover

Lump sum payout: HK$875,000

Daily Hospital Income Cover

Case Study

Insured: Fiona Lai (Anonym)
Age: 16

- Sustained traumatic unilateral facet dislocation as a result of a fall accident from trampoline

- According to the medical report, she suffers from tetraplegia, neurogenic shock and paradoxical breathing, permanent disability is expected as well.

Fiona was confined to hospital for a long period of time and she is dependent in all daily aspects with ventilator required

Daily Hospital Income Payout: HK$428,400 +

Personal Accident Cover Lump Sum Payout: HK$114,750

Critical Illness Cover

Case Study

Insured: Brandon Wong (Anonym)
Age: 58

- Diagnosed with cancer of rectum

- The cancer was of primary malignancy and the whole body PET scan revealed early involvement of nearby lymph node

Critical Illness Cover  Lump Sum Payout: HK$ 100,000

Easy to claim

In the event of loss, written notice of claim should be given to us within thirty (30) days after the occurrence, except death claim which where practicable requires immediate notice in writing. You could find the whole process summary at below:


  Fill the claim form


  Prepare required supporting documents / proof


  Submit claim form and supporting documents in 30 days*


  Review Claims & Approval


  Claims Settlement

Do you want to know?

Insured and spouse: Aged 18 – 65 (you can renew policy till age 69);

All unmarried and unemployed children): Aged 6 months – 21 (policy renewable till age 25 for full-time students)

Optional Senior Care Protection Plan

Aged 45 – 75 (you can renew policy till age 85)

Voluntary Employee Benefit Program provides a lump sum cash payment if you suffer an accident that leads to death, disability or dismemberment.

The compensation can be used at your choice to pay for your treatments, provide financial support during recovery, or help your family. This product also provides accidental medical expenses benefit which reimburses you for the injury sustained through an accident.

You will not be covered under this insurance if your job or the nature of your job is one of the following excluded classes: blaster, jockey, detective, stuntman, stevedore, fisherman, driver (cross-border between Hong Kong and Mainland China), test pilot, circus trainer, aerial worker, caisson worker, lift technician, building wrecker, driller-underground, wild animal trainer, secret service agent, container crane operator, construction site worker, dynamite/explosive operator and government/state disciplinary forces.

Voluntary Employee Benefit Program is a flexible and affordable insurance product. You pay the premium monthly, instead of on a yearly basis.

Making a claim is easy. You only need to fill the claim form and submit it along with required documents within 30 days following an incident. We will review and settle your case as soon as we can.

We cover for 47 different serious illnesses. You can see our full list of coverage here.

Yes, our cover is 24-hour worldwide.


The above is for reference only and does not form part of the insurance contract. For full terms and conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy document itself which shall prevail in case of inconsistency. AIG Insurance Hong Kong Ltd. reserves right of final approval and decision.

(The English version shall prevail in case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions).

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