Kidnap and Ransom Extortion

Crisis aid for your business, your family and your employees



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Travel and overseas work postings are becoming more frequent, and while most are incident-free, kidnap, ransom, extortion, and detention are unfortunately an increasing threat to organizations and individuals around the world. AIG offers businesses and families tailor-made solutions to address these threats, giving them confidence that their exposure to these threats is reduced and there is expert assistance on hand in the event of a crisis.

This insurance cover aims to facilitate the earliest safe recovery of the victim and the fastest possible resolution of extortion events. We know from experience, however, that the impact on victims, their families and businesses can be long term and traumatic. This is why our product gives financial support and consultant services to help business owners and families through this crisis.

Who is it for?

Our Kidnap and Ransom Extortion insurance offers coverage for financial loss and access to consultancy services for an organization or family in the event of an employee or family member being seized,  detained for ransom, or targeted for extortion.

Our unparalleled consultancy services provide immediate access to experienced resources and personnel to help manage and resolve these incidents successfully.

What is covered?

This policy provides cover for:

    (a)   Kidnapping or alleged kidnapping
    (b)   Extortion
    (c)   Detention
    (d)   Hijacking

Optional Extensions

    (a)   Disappearance investigation
    (b)   Political evacuation & repatriation
    (c)   Express Kidnapping
    (d)   Malicious threats