AIG Voluntary HKCS Health Insurance Plan

✔Lump-sum cash payout

✔ Continuation of coverage after retirement or resignation

✔24-hour global coverage starting from HKD $2.3/day

AIG Voluntary HKCS Health Insurance Plan Overview

AIG's Voluntary HKCS Health Insurance Plan is arranged exclusively for Civil Servants and non-Civil Servants employed by the Government of HKSAR, providing coverage from Personal Accident Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Daily Hospital Income Cover, and China Hospitalization Cover in one convenient plan, complementary to your medical insurance, ensuring the well-being of you and your family!

Personalized medical coverage

In addition to basic personal accident coverage, you can customize and add the following protections based on your individual needs and budget.

  • Children Top Up Cover
  • Hospital Cash Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • China Assist Card Service   

Coverage for the entire family with a single policy

Your family members, including spouses, children, and parents/parents-in-law, can be insured as well, benefiting the whole family!

Lump-sum cash payout

A lump-sum cash payout with no usage restrictions, providing flexibility in use!

Affordable premiums and no health check needed

For as low as HKD 2.3 per day, without the need for a health check.

Continuation of coverage after retirement or resignation

All benefits are portable even with termination of employment or after retirement, to ensure continuous coverage for you and your family!    

24-hour worldwide cover

This program provides 24/7 worldwide coverage not only during working hours but also when you are on business trips or traveling.

AIG Supplementary Health Insurance vs Traditional Medical Insurance

AIG Personal Accident / Hospital Cash Cover / Critical Illness Cover

  • A lump-sum cash payout in which you have the flexibility on where to spend
  • Pays for additional expenses other than your medical bill
  • Support your daily life expenses during the period of recovery 
  • Maintain your quality of life when you are unable to work 


Traditional Medical Insurance

  • Reimburses for your medical bills
  • Reimburses your hospital and surgical expenses

China Assist Card Service

  • Waiver of hospital admission guarantee at our hospital network in Mainland China

  • Waiver of pay-and-claim at our hospital network in Mainland China


Traditional Medical Insurance

  • Waiver of pay-and-claim at the hospital network in Hong Kong 




Death & Permanent Disablement Cover Covered   Not covered in general
Medical Health Check
Waiver of medical checkup, just a simple health declaration for application Comprehensive health declaration and even a Health Check is required in some cases
Policy Period  With flexibility in the period of insurance, up to aged 69 Term or lifetime insurance  
Saving Element  More affordable premium without saving element Higher premium with saving or life elements in general, with redemption of proceeds upon surrender of the policy when claim free.
Critical Illness Cover  High-performance price-ratio with 48 major illnesses being covered including cancer, stroke, and heart disease which share more than 90% of critical illnesses Some with Cancer only, while others can cover up to 180+ major illnesses




Locked at entry age, the earlier the application, the lower the premium until old age Premium increases with age and varies by lifestyle such as smokers 

Who should consider
AIG’s Voluntary HKCS Health Insurance Plan?   


  • Whoever looking for low-entry medical coverage with a limited budget
  • Whoever looking for supplementary protection alongside medical insurance  
  • Whoever looking for flexibility with no restriction to the contribution period  
  • Whoever looking for cost-efficient health insurance


Application and other inquiry

Click to submit your questions or feedback through the online inquiry form, and our customer service representative will contact you to provide one-on-one support to your questions and recommend suitable insurance solutions.  

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For any inquiries, you may contact AIG’s Customer Service Hotline at 852 3666 7015 (Weekdays 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, except public holidays) or via email at


You (Policyholder) can add your spouse, your child(ren) and your parents/parent-in-laws as insured person(s); and select the desired coverage for each of the insured person type. Kindly note that you (the employee of the Government of HKSAR) must be the principal insured person. Coverage of you and your spouse must be the same; coverage of your parents/parent-in-laws must be the same or lower than the principal insured person. For more than 1 parent to be insured, the sum insured for each parent must be the same. 

Accident means a sudden, unexpected, and specific event, external to the body, which occurs at an identifiable time and place.

We currently accept credit card (Visa/Master) for payment only. At the time of your online application, we would initiate a request to the issuing bank for the authorization of credit card payment for the sole purpose of insurance premium payment. The premium will be refunded shortly upon successful authorization and the relevant premium payment will be charged in the middle of each month. Please ensure sufficient credit limit for each billing date. For unsuccessful payment, we might cancel your policy and any subsequent claims will not be reimbursed. For any update of credit card information, please call our Civil Servants Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme dedicated hotline at (852)3666-7015 or email to:

You may adjust the number of unit to be insured at any time. For amending the person(s) to be insured, you need to complete the amendment form and return to us. Notification of change must be received by us with at least 14 days in advance and the amendments will be in effect from the first day of the next month. For any policy endorsement request, please call our Civil Servants Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme dedicated hotline at (852)3666-7015 or email to:

We regret to inform that designated beneficiary will not be accepted.  Accidental death benefit will be paid to your estate or the ‘personal representative’ within the meaning under the Probate and Administration Ordinance Cap. 10, Laws of Hong Kong. Any other benefits will be paid to the insured person who is the subject of the claim except in the case of a child, where the benefits will be paid to the policyholder.  

Sum insured can only be adjusted by the number of unit to be insured. You may consider increasing the number of unit to be insured as appropriate. However, the maximum aggregate accidental death and/or permanent disabilities sum insured for each insured person on all Personal Accident policies underwritten by us is HKD5,000,000 (“Aggregate Limit”). We shall adjust the benefit payable to the maximum Aggregate Limit if the total amount payable for the respective benefit across all Personal Accident policies exceeds the Aggregate Limit.

You may choose to enquire directly with AIG or contact your insurance intermediary for any queries. You may also contact us to enquire for your insurance intermediary’s information if required. Please call our Civil Servants Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme dedicated hotline at (852)3666-7015 or email to:

The information given above is for reference only, please request for the relevant policy contract to understand the terms, conditions and exclusions of the coverage or indemnity.

More information  

For more product details and information, please refer to the product brochure for further understanding.  

To download personal insurance claim applications or learn about related claim procedures, required documents, frequently asked questions, and other claim matters, click here for more information.  

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